• Filing with a notary.
  • Certificate by E-mail / Secure Storage 30 years by the notary included.
  • Private link to your certificate.
  • Video Registration for any know extension (.mp4,.avi...)
  • Digital storage + online management account of your datas and proofs + customer support included in your annual subscription

Put a Copyright on your video and protect his content from copy

Perhaps you have created a video and spent a lot of time writing and filming or recording it. You should be the effort only one who decides how or where that video is used or who derives benefit from it. Under copyright law, your video belongs to you and copyright protection is technically automatic upon creation. However, practically speaking, if anyone challenges that copyright, you will need proof of ownership if you want full protection. Making a copyright deposit of your video provides you with proof of your copyright in a way that cannot be challenged. You will always be able to establish yourself as the creator and owner of the video when needed. 



We are not storing your credit card and will not charge your cc automatically in the future.

Your copyright will be valid for life in 172 countries of the Bern Convention.