Copyright prices: document registration for designs, creative works, web contents


Copyright prices: document registration for designs, creative works, web contents

Copyright Solution:

Now you can easily protect your creations  with a secure copyright and a notary stamp.

Simply choose your "Copyright" package!
Certified deposit is valid in the 176 countries of the Berne Convention, according to intellectual property protection.


The prices starting from £42 per year. 

Digital storage + online management account of your datas and proofs + customer support included in your annual subscription

Pricing list by Clicking here

If you wish to purchase more than 1 credit to copyright your creative work, the prices are degressive.

You can purchase a single file registration or packs, according to your needs. The  copyright deposits tokens you purchase may be used in one year of your subscription, the same amount of tokens are credited to your account each year so if you purchase one token now you will use it this year, and get more 1 token every year if you choose to continue your annual subscription.

When you upload for copyright timestamp and registration your work through our service, please wait until the process is fully completed.
After notifying you that your document is saved on our servers, you receive a few seconds later by email your proof of deposit.

We inform our customers that regardless of the subscription your copyright is valid for life and is stored independantly at public notary office for 30 years. If you want to pay only one time at you can do it by openning an account then registering your documents then download your certificate, in any case an email come in your email box with your certificate, you  must only send an email 30 days before the end of the year of your annual contract to unsubscribe to the service. is not storing your credit or debit card information and will never perform any payment itself, you are responsible to process any needed payment by yourself and an email to remind this will be sent as needed.