About Copyright.co.uk


About Copyright.co.uk

About Copyright.co.uk

Copyright.co.uk is edited by Copyright Office Group, group founded in 2001 by inventive Web developers and lawyers. The credo was: what kind of unforgeable and easy-to-use proof can be provided for everyone.

After solving many technical problems  (cryptography, secure data base, secure storage for registrations) human problems ( half of the team was located in UK, another half in France) and legal problems ( digital signature validity), Copyright Office Group launched its first websites and got after one year legitimitaly.

A decade after, Copyright Office Group is present in UK, Germany, France, India, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Australia, Morocco, Switzerland, Brazil, Portugal, Russia and Japan.

Copyright.co.uk is your partner at every step to provide proof and safeguard your intellectual property:

Evidences in civil or commercial fields

Copyright.co.uk is your deposit service created by computer scientists and entrepreneurs keen on solving problems to offer simple and efficient issues.

With the help of our lawyers and experts in information processing in the legal field, we launched Copyright .co.uk for recording and providing evidence on Copyright Law for your creative capital.

Our commitment is reflected by the following terms:

- Speed: Instant Deposit 24H/24H
- Reliability: Copyright certified by a judicial officer
- Repudiation: proof irrefutable 
- Accessibility: Support Ultra Secure Digital, sizes and formats unlimited ...
- Coordination: Double immediate dispatch generated by the click-trust certificate Legal home, at the bailiff.

- Conservation: Triple Backup your data with you by e mail for life + 70
years by the Copyrightt.co.uk servers. Storage @ usher office for 30 years

- Confidentiality: tamper-proof digital signature / file integrity,
unalterable / Restricted visibility to owner only.

- Pervasiveness: Full protection of copyright in 164 countries signatory to the Berne Convention.