• Filing of your Web pages with a notary.
  • Automated filing and reporting.
  • 1 website filing per month.
  • Registration in a directory.
  • Assistance in the event of litigation.
  • Digital storage + online management account of your datas and proofs + customer support included in your annual subscription

Website Copyright Protection

If you have a website, you probably rely on it to make money or bring you business. Your website is often the most visible sign of your creativity and business sense, and you should be the only one who profits from its creation. A copyright deposit allows you to keep your website content safe and secure in a way that cannot be challenged. You will be able to establish your ownership of your website and a specific date of creation, whenever you need it. When someone attempts to challenge your ownership of your website or any of its elements, your can prove that you came up with it first and stop infringers. 



We are not storing your credit card and will not charge your cc automatically in the future.

Your copyright will be valid for life in 172 countries of the Bern Convention.