• Filing with a notary.
  • Certificate by E-mail / Secure Storage 30 years by the notary included.
  • Private link to your certificate.
  • Assistance in the event of litigation.
  • Digital storage + online management account of your datas and proofs + customer support included in your annual subscription

Copyright Registration and Protection for your works and creations

The protection offered by copyright allows creative people to keep their work safe and secure from others, who might try to copy or otherwise appropriate their creations. By using the protections provided under copyright law, you can legally prove your ownership in any creative work. In a legal setting, it is necessary to also establish that you were the first to create the work. When you make a copyright deposit in our system, you create easily accessible proof of elements anytime someone produces work that is the same or confusingly similar. That means they can be held liable for infringement of your work. That is how copyright protects you. 



We are not storing your credit card and will not charge your cc automatically in the future.

Your copyright will be valid for life in 172 countries of the Bern Convention.