• Filing with a notary.
  • Certificate by e-mail with acknowledgement of receipt.
  • Link to your certificate.
  • Assistance in the event of litigation.
  • Sending of certified e-mail in RealTime
  • Digital storage + online management account of your datas and proofs + customer support included in your annual subscription

Send a certified email here and proof that the email was sent and readed

Often, creative people produce emails that are unique and special and for which they want to assert copyright protection, for either the email or an attachment. If you spent a lot of time and effort creating it, you should be the only one who gets to benefit from it. Your email should belong to you alone. However, while copyright is technically automatic when you create an email, if someone decides to challenge that copyright legally, you will have to provide proof of copyright, which means proof of creation and a date certain of creation. When you make a copyright deposit of your email, you will have permanent proof of copyright that cannot be challenged. You will always be able to establish your ownership and a date certain of creation, which will be available anytime someone plagiarizes your email or any attachment. 



We are not storing your credit card and will not charge your cc automatically in the future.

Your copyright will be valid for life in 172 countries of the Bern Convention.