• Filing with a notary.
  • Certificate by E-mail / Secure Storage 30 years by the notary included.
  • Private link to your certificate.
  • Assistance in the event of litigation.

Protect any model or textile from copy before starting to sell, Copyright your model and textile collection here

If you have created a model or textile of something you find important, you likely expended a lot of time and effort on it. In doing so, you deserve to claim ownership of that. Your model or textile should belong you alone, which means only you should decide how it is used. While copyright is technically automatic when your model or textile is created, in a judicial setting, you will have to provide proof of ownership and proof of a date of creation, so you can show yours came first. Making a copyright deposit of your model or textile provides you with proof of your copyright in a way that virtually cannot be challenged. 



Your copyright will be valid for life in 172 countries of the Bern Convention.