Send a registered e-mail


Send a registered e-mail


Published February 21, 2023


Send a registered e-mail

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For communicating securely, and to benefit from the service of filing, sending, proving and archiving your e-mails with the court bailiff, for all you e-mails containing strategic content.

-your commercial correspondence (proposals, contracts, conclusions, estimates, orders, cancellations)

-proof of litigation-related communication

-ensure document delivery dates are met (legal, commercial, administrative…)

-prove your participation and the copyright on the content sent to your third parties when tendering…

The service of sending registered e-mail certified by a ministerial officer (court bailiff or notary) gives the e-mail exchange with third parties a high degree of legal probative value:

-certain sent date -unfalsifiable content (time-stamped in a sealed electronic envelope) -opening of the e-mail by password -known identifies of sender and recipient -encrypted attachments subjected to digital imprint, then filed in their entirety in the officer’s minutes -trackability of the sending of the registered e-mail by the court bailiff -trackability of the reading of the registered e-mail by the court bailiff -trackability of the receipt of the registered e-mail by the court bailiff -maintenance of the history of each registered e-mail by the court bailiff.

The registered e-mail is therefore:

-proof of the exchange -a guarantee that the documents exchanged will be kept for 30 years -a time saver -retrieval of your history in the event of litigation from a secure Web interface on, as for example from an online bank account. which makes it possible to produce the documents in a file (from the office of a judge, if necessary) by means of a simple Internet connection. -low processing cost.