Exchange Proof: the digital registered email.


Exchange Proof: the digital registered email.

Sending Email Certificate Solution

Secure, convenient and effective, provides you an evidence proof while mailing or disclosing confidential data. You will be able to send and keep a proof of your sending whith our service.

It is very simple, your correspondant will be notified and his signature will certify he accessed the email content you sent. Choose your offer on

An email ( the acknowledgement) will be sent from our secure interface. It is also possible to attach files, all elements will be dated and certified.

A certified notary will report and attest of your sending and reception through his server. Thus you can formalize and trace any trade ir mail exchange.

Emergency Email
10 certified emails £49
certified emails £95
certified emails £490

send certified mailsend certified mailsend certified mail

The credits you purchase for registered mails can be used without limit of time.