Copyright: Registration and Filing


Copyright: Registration and Filing


Published February 20, 2023


Who must register and protect by copyright?

The copyright is the right that applies to any creation of the mind: literary and artistic creations, works, designs and conceptual creations.

How long after my filing is my creation protected by Copyright?

The filing of your copyright, sent in secure mode, is instantly recorded and protected.

In fact, the law specifies that the author’s rights, subject to originality or design of the work, exist by virtue of its creation. Hence your creation, work, design, Web site, text written or published on the Web, your music, your project is already covered by copyright. You simply need to prove its anteriority by means of a copyright filing. This gives a date certain (anteriority of author’s rights) to your filing. Your filing is indisputable proof of copyright. The copyright filing is therefore your official witness to your rights to your creation or design.

How long does the Copyright protection last?

Protection by copyright filing is valid for life + 70 years after the author's death. Copyright filings are archived with a ministerial official’s office, which undertake, by State decree, to keep any document filed with them in its entirety, indisputable (inalterability of the content of the copyright of the filed document) and returnable at any time to the holder of the intellectual property rights relating to the author’s rights of the filer of said copyright.