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Objective Concept Limited ( Privacy Statement and Personal Data Policy

Protecting personal data through the services provided is a key priority for Objective Concept LTD.

The privacy statement below outlines the following principles and guidelines put in place by our business to protect your personal data and to give you more information on:

  • The use of your personal data within our business
  • The ways in which your personal data is used in our network
  • Your rights concerning your personal data
  • This policy covers all of the services provided by Objective Concept internationally.

What actions are we taking in regards to protecting your personal data?

From designing digital tools to looking into how data is stored, Objective Concept is involved in all areas to guarantee your personal data is protected and applies the highest standards to ensure your data is held safely. In the event of a possible unintentional data breach, we will inform you of the incident.

How is personal data used at Objective Concept?

At Objective Concept, we need to collect the following information from you: your name, surname, address, post code, town. In order to give you the best possible service, we need to be able to contact you easily, which is why we will also ask you for your email address and phone number. We also store information such as your IP address and the list of pages that you visited to get through to our sites. We do this to get insight into how you became interested in our services, so that we can offer you the services that best match your needs. We also store information about the electronic documents that you download from our site and we publish deposits made on your customer area online and on our list of recorded deposits, to offer you more disclosure. You can ask our site administrator to hide a publication at any point by getting in touch. When you accept our Terms and Conditions, an agreement is sent to our partner judicial officers, which is presented as proof of consent.

How is personal data collected from minors?

Some of our services can be used by minors, but they must obtain consent from their parents or legal guardians beforehand.

Which services or businesses are sent your personal data?

Your data can only be shared within the scope of our operations, with the aim of providing you a service, internal services or Objective Concept providers, such as Customer Services, Sales Administration or Technical Assistance… Under no circumstances will we transfer your data to unauthorised entities.

Can your personal data be shared outside the European Union?

Objective Concept LTD processes all personal data within the territory of the European Union (EU). However, for certain specific services, Objective Concept LTD may use contractors located outside the EU, who will be sent some personal data to fulfil their duties. In this case, Objective Concept LTD will ask contractors to sign the contractual clauses from the European Commission, in accordance with the law, to ensure that personal data is managed and transferred safely.

How long does Objective Concept store personal data for?

Your personal data is continually stored through a contract which is tacitly renewed each year or each month based on the service used and will also be stored for 30 years by our Judicial Officer and Notary provider. In the event of a dispute or recovery procedure following an unpaid invoice, we will store data for as long as possible.

Is your personal data protected?

Objective Concept has undertaken all the necessary steps to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your personal data. In particular, making sure that it is not damaged, deleted or accessed by non-authorised third parties. However, in the event of a security breech that affects your personal data (destruction, loss, alteration or disclosure), we are obliged to report the personal data violation to the National Commission for Data Protection (CNIL).

What are your rights to your personal data?

At any time, Objective Concept will allow you to exercise your rights outlined in the current regulatory framework for personal data, as long as you meet the conditions and are up to date with payments:

  • Right of access: you can request to be sent your personal data that is being processed.
  • Right of correction: you can update or correct your personal data without changing the account holder.
  • Right to oppose: You can ask to no longer receive communications from our business and can close your account if need be.
  • Right to erase: you can also request for the deletion of your personal data.
  • Right to limitation: you can request for the processing of your personal data to be suspended.
  • Portability right: you can also request to take your personal data and dispose of it as you wish. Any such request must be supported by a form of identification. We aim to respond to your rights requests as soon as possible, whilst respecting the set legal deadlines.

If you would like to submit a request, fill in a contact form on one of our sites or get in contact by telephone.