How Can I Protect My Jewellery Creation?


How Can I Protect My Jewellery Creation?


Published February 21, 2023


The fashion and jewellery industries are among the most competitive areas in business these days, which means the potential for competitors taking on ethically questionable practices is potentially very high. A jewellery design also contains numerous elements, which makes the unintentional copying of such creations very possible. The potential riches involved in jewellery design makes it a very target-rich environment for those who don't want to work hard and would rather take shortcuts. If you create jewellery, either as a business in your spare time, it is essential to protect your creations through copyright law.

Any jewellery that you create should belong to you or your company only. In the United Kingdom, as long as your jewellery creation is sufficiently original and unique, it will be entitled to copyright protection. However, it is one thing to have a copyright and another to be able to prove it. If you ever have to assert your rights, out will have to be able to prove both your ownership and the date of creation of your jewellery creation. One efficient and certified way to protect your creativity is by registering and depositing it into our system at

How We Protect Your Jewellery Creation

When you register and make a copyright deposit of your jewellery creation, you instantly establish complete copyright protection. Once it has been deposited into our system, you will always be able to prove your copyright whenever you need to do so. Your jewellery creation deposit cannot be altered or changed by anyone, which means that it will serve to memorialize that you alone have the right to make money or otherwise derive benefit from it. Even better, the copyright protection you receive for your fashion mode product is valid for life. When you deposit your jewellery creation with, your work is handled by people with a legal obligation to retain your textile model in a way that makes your right incontestable in any legal proceeding.

Your protection also goes well beyond the United Kingdom. When you make a copyright deposit with, the copyright protection for your jewellery creation becomes valid internationally, in all 171 signatory countries to the Berne Convention. You're protected everywhere.

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