How Can I Protect My Video?


How Can I Protect My Video?


Published February 20, 2023


In this day and age, virtually everyone is carrying around a device capable of taking high quality video of almost anything. Video has become a standard mode of creation in the modern world. It is impossible to tell what type of video will "go viral" these days, so you will want to protect your video creations, so that only you can benefit from them. Without a a valid proof of copyright in your video, someone could just copy it or download it from YouTube or a website and make money from your work.

While you technically have a legal copyright in anything you create, when there is a legal challenge, you need proof that it's yours, as well as proof of when you created it or first posted it. The only videos people will try to steal or copy are those that make money, so you should protect yourself by establishing ownership and date certain through a copyright deposit you at least need through

We Can Keep Your Video Ownership Rights Safe

In the United Kingdom, as long as you made your video, you are entitled to copyright protection. However, while copyright in your work is automatic, if your ownership is challenged in some way, you will have to demonstrate that you created the video and that your video predates theirs. The services provided by offer the opportunity to do just that, by keeping a copy of your video in a secure location that prevents alteration of the video.

When you make a copyright deposit of your video with, you do two things; you establish that you are the owner of the video and you also establish a date certain for your claim of creation and ownership. The copyright protection is instantaneous and the deposit serves as the official witness of your right to your video creation. Your video work is in the hands of officers who are obliged by law to retain everything deposited with them in an integrated way that is uncontestable because the deposits are unalterable. Your video is immediately retrievable at any time by you, the holder of intellectual property rights related to that video, but it is otherwise secure. Making a copyright deposit in the UK with, also means your copyright protection is valid in all 171 countries that have signed on to the Berne Convention. In short, your video creation is automatically protected internationally.

Protect your video